Notable Achievements of the center

The center has achieved world-class repute in the field of vision correction surgery

Types of procedures

The center is specialized in the performance of key vision correction procedures

Center’s Equipment

We, at the center, have at our disposal the most sophisticated diagnostic and Surgical Equipment in the Middle East.

More Than 13.000

The center boasts more than 13.000 Femto Lasik and Femto Smile procedures.

156 Procedures

156 procedures on a daily basis, matching the world’s top rate (International Femto Smile day).

35 Daily Femto-laser

35 daily Femto-laser conducted keratoconus corrective procedures.

74 Femto Lasik Procedures

74 Femto Lasik procedures per day, matching the international daily record.

The latest and most effective visual corrective procedures performed through the cornea


This is the latest technology in the field of vision correction surgery that is by far safer and more accurate than Femto Lasik and regular lasik. It treats far severer degrees of myopia and Astigmatism up to 10 degree Myopia and 5 degree astigmatism. Yet, the duration of this procedure is no more than 30 seconds per eye.

Egypt is considered to be among the most advanced countries in this field, with Alexandria being the proud home of one of only four world-renowned research  Centers.

The International Femto-Lasik Center is the first center in Africa and the Middle East to be licensed for the performance of Femto-Smile procedures, not to mention the center being the proud recipient of countless certificates of appreciation for having performed the world’s highest total number of  Femto-Smile procedures, in addition to the center being internationally accredited to provide  training to ophthalmologists and award them licenses to perform Femto-Smile procedures.

The International Femto-Lasik Center’s Staff

Meet the International Femto-Lasik Center’s team of physicians/ ophthalmologists, whose extensive multi-disciplinary experiences are the envy of the world

The International Femto-Lasik Center in the press

Read the glowing praise heaped upon the International Femto-Lasik Center in the press, both Egyptian and international

Femto-Smile procedures and its role in boosting therapeutic tourism in Egypt

The key role played by Femto-Smile procedures in boosting and enlivening Therapeutic tourism in Egypt

The latest news on The International Femto-Lasik Center

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